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  A Message From our Guild President, Art Yayanos:

guild 50 anniversary

Dear Guild and Community Members,

We are pleased to announce the inception of The Rancho Santa Fe Library Guild 50th Anniversary Endowment Fund Drive. The goal is to substantially augment a small endowment that is currently in place at the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation.

Beginning fifty years ago, in December 1963, the RSF Library Guild was formed and its Articles of Incorporation, as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, were signed on June 30, 1964. The Library Building was dedicated on April 18, 1968. The Guild will be celebrating, until 2018, the 50th Anniversary of several of these key events that led from a County Bookmobile to the beautiful Rancho Santa Fe Library we have today.

Over the past 50 years the Library Guild has fostered productive relationships with the San Diego County Library System that have served the greater Rancho Santa Fe community and the Rowe School. The Rancho Santa Fe Library Guild has been able to supplement services and materials to the Library with personnel, books, subscriptions and programs principally because of your generous donations, return from a modest endowment and RSF Book Cellar sales receipts. The latter, however, have not kept up in inflation adjusted income, in recent years. In addition, the impact of eBooks on print book sales, in the RSF Book Cellar, poses a risk for the RSF Library Guild’s income and services.

The ability of the Guild to continue to provide its current assistance to the Library, and to enhance it, depends vitally on building its endowment at the RSF Foundation. You can partner with us by maintaining your membership to the Guild, making a gift to the Endowment Fund in the upcoming Holiday Fund Drive, and by earmarked donations and bequests.  Whenever you write a check or a bequest make certain to make it is payable to The Rancho Santa Fe Library Guild and add the tax identification number of 95-6091588 to your check.

I have a strong conviction that Libraries are essential as sources of reliable information and literature and as places for quiet study as well as for discussion and presentations.  Since I would not ask you to do something I have not done, let me close by saying that I and my wife are legacy donors to the RSF Library Guild’s endowment at the RSF Foundation. The Library and Guild vitally depends on support from this community. I hope you will join us!


Art Yayanos

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